Why Women Should Lift Weights


Some of my female clients have often expressed nervousness around incorporating weights into their fitness routine. Having grown up in the 70’s or 80’s where aerobic dvds and lycra were the way to keep young, slim and limber as opposed to lifting weights in the gym along with the Arnie lookalikes, I can understand why.

On the contrary to belief, you will not bulk up and look like an England rugby player, nor will you lose your femininity. If anything you will start to see more curves and all in the right places. Here are just a few reasons why you should be pushing yourself that little harder in the gym with those few extra kg.


  1. The stronger you are, the safer you will feel. Now I’m not just talking about being able to defend yourself physically while you’re beating all those men off with a stick. I’m talking about every day life. Being able to carry your shopping, walk safely on an icy path, dodge a crazy cyclist, or carry your children across a busy road. Life is going to throw you these lemons from time to time, even stumbling off an uneven curb can possibly cause you to fall. Instead of hurting yourself, if you could catch yourself when you fall because you are STRONG, you are more likely to make lemonade rather than get lemon juice in the wound.


  1. women-should-lift-weights-soul-shape-fitnessMuscle burns more calories than fat, so in turn the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose those last few kgs. This is however sometimes a tricky one. Muscle also weighs more than fat, so when you hit a plateau weight in your training, do not be discouraged, you may just be turning those last little wobbly bits into toned, muscle. That’s what we want right? So don’t pay close attention to the scales, as long as you like the way you look, which you will if you lift some weights 😉 Then its fine!


  1. Its like a free body lift. Forget booty implants or liposuction! Lift weights regularly and see results within weeks. Your bum will look more pert, your arms will tone up with less bingo wing bits and your back, tummy and hips will become more defined. You will learn to love yourself even more as YOUR hard work has made you become more confident within your own body! Win Win!


  1. You will carry yourself better. Feeling strong has a huge effect you not only physically but also psychologically; you will stand taller, head high, shoulders back and proud. Given you are doing the exercises correctly you can really bring out a different person. (Get a personal trainer for 1-2 sessions if you are unsure) Good posture is everything, so do yourself a favour and work on it. Trying to correct 20 years of bad posture is much harder than staying on top of it for 2-3 times per week. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and see a hunched over old woman in the mirror.


In order to build strength you should be lifting a weight so heavy that you cannot exceed more than 8 reps in a set.

EG. Leg press 60kg 8 times . Rest 30 seconds. Repeat. Rest 3 seconds. Repeat. –> if you can easily rep more than 8, you can up the weight.

Of course don’t go straight to a heavy weight, practice a week or two getting used to the feel of a weight and your technique. Once you have that down you are good to go.

Strong is the new sexy ladies. I don’t know any disadvantages to lifting weights. If you are unsure about something you can always get a personal trainer for a session or two to make sure you are lifting correctly.

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