So I have always loved running. It used to be my ‘Go-To Keep Fit Exercise’. It’s just so good because you can do it anywhere, on your own or with friends and all you need is a good pair of trainers and you’re sorted! Since becoming a trainer I have realised how running long distance is not the only important way of training. You can switch it up with interval training which I explained in my Running meets Yoga post. Or you can stop and do some functional exercises in-between each kilometre or mile, using your own bodyweight, your sling trainer or the natural surroundings. I personally love mixing in functional exercises so you have a mixture of strength and cardio training for a good balance.

Many people see running as boring or a chore. Of course it isn’t easy to push yourself to keep going when your feet are feeling heavy and you’re tired; but at just that exact point, when you do push on and power through, it is all the more rewarding. You have to chose something that you enjoy, if you don’t like running – its simple! DONT! Life is too short, but then find something else!


1. That Feeling. You know that feeling you get after an amazing workout, that little rush of happiness. Endorphins flowing. I never compare myself to others. Compare yourself to ….yourself! Even if you run one minute faster than last time, or one minute further, that sense of success and will be greater when you know YOU did better than last time. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, it’s literally empowering! You start to feel strong in your mind as well as your body.

2. Hey Good Looking’. Why do we workout? Why do I run? Why do you come to soul shape fitness bootcamps? – because we want to feel SEXY! I want to look in the mirror in be proud of my figure, whether I’ve got my summer bikini body, or a few extra lbs to keep warm over christmas 😉 And I think this comes hand in hand with working out, you put the work in and feel the benefits. Of course it is also lovely if you hubby or partner realises those curves looking more sexy and toned too, but mainly you should do it for yourself. I personally also find wearing gym clothes you feel sexy also helps here! I am loving the new Adidas Jumpsuit perfect for the spring/ summer that will hopefully soon be here too! Who ever thought style could be so comfy! Adidas Boost running shoes are also specially designed for runners, you can see what I thought of them in my Running meets Yoga post too.

3. A breath of fresh air. I’m am so very lucky to be able to do upwards of 20 workout sessions per week outside, come rain or shine. But how many of you are stuck indoors working? Hunched over a computer and then with 30 mins lunch break that you have, you spend hunched over your lunch tray in the canteen? Running gives you the ability to spend some time breathing in what your body craves to stay alive, so don’t neglect it.

4. Relaxing. That’s right, I find running relaxing! When you’ve had a stressful day, and your kids and driving you crazy or your boss has been on your back, try out a little run. Work up a sweat and let out all that frustration and just RUN. Run wherever you want, run to the top of a hill and appreciate the sunset. Run to the forest and appreciate the birds singing in the trees. Or stick your headphones in and put your loudest rock n roll music on and POWER it out. Everyone needs an OUTPUT, and running is often mine. Just run and switch off.

5.The community. You are never alone! Unless you are a country bumpkin – then I can’t help you sorry 😀 ….But otherwise there are running clubs EVERYWHERE! (If you are a country bumpkin then why don’t start your own club!) Even if you just run the same area, you will start to recognise people, eye contact becomes an exchange of words and before you know it you’ve bagged yourself some running buddies. I love running in a team, it gives you the chance for a catchup and most of all someone to motivate you to train when you’re feeling lazy. – it happens to the best of us!

6. Running is a magical ingredient. Doesn’t it make food taste so good? Are you questioning my sanity right now? No seriously, that hungry feeling you have after a long run! Ok some of you may have experienced the feeling of HANGRY (Feeling hungry and angry until you get your food). That meal that replenishes all that energy that you put out always tastes the best, just because you know how hard you worked for it!

7.Vitamin D. Once again, I am lucky to always be outdoors but those of you who don’t see the light of day upwards of 6 hours per day due to your jobs – use running to get you outside! People with higher levels of Vitamin D are less likely to suffer from heart disease, weight gain, depression and many more! Even if you only run or power walk for 30 minutes, you’re doing your body such a huge favour! It also promotes bone growth, so vitamin D is especially good for ladies who may develop osteoporosis.

8. I HAVE LEGS. I have two, healthy, legs. I have a healthy body, I have a healthy mind and I can move – SO I DO! Too many people are looking for a quick fix. Run while you still can! When you are 70 and immobile because you never did any sport or exercise you will probably look back and regret taking your beautiful body for granted!

Make sure you know the correct running technique before you start too! But most of all HAVE FUN WITH IT!

So now here comes the good bit! Competition time!:

Comment below with ‘Why I Run’ and a reason why you like running and win a month (12/8 sessions depending on location) SOUL SHAPE FITNESS BOOTCAMP at a location of your choice!

*only the person taking part can claim the prize. Winner will be announced 2 weeks from now on 30th March. Must be 18 years or older to take part.The prize cannot be cashed in for money. Offer only valid until July2016. Winner will be picked from a hat.

Good Luck

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