So the fitness movement seems to be the in trend at the moment and there seems to be as many different opinions of what ‘healthy’ actually is, as there are fish in the sea.

Social media such as Instagram actually offer an insight into these different opinions and I am often surprised and astounded by some things people hashtag as ‘healthy’ or ‘eating clean’ and I will often comment if I disagree. I also have a kind of admiration for those who make fitness their whole life and meal prep every bit of food down to the last gram.

Fitness is my life too, I mean, I’m a personal trainer, I love going to the gym, working out and eating healthily (currently trying to stick to the paleo lifestyle which is also difficult) but I am a huge advocate of everything in moderation. Realistic and sustainable goals are going to make your fitness journey successful. But before you think about trying to get there, you have to think about what YOU actually want. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle mass and become fitter? Would you just like to tone up specific target areas e.g. legs bums and tums ? Only then can you workout where to start !

I often hear ‘how quickly…?’, ‘how many weeks…?’ or ‘when will i notice this?’. Think about how long it took for you to put the weight on? A year? A few months over the christmas period? Then that’s how long you should allow your body to adjust to losing it again. Quick fixes do not work. Many of those remarkable transformations you see on Instagram took months to achieve, through hard work.The amount of effort you put into achieving your goal is exactly how much you’ll get back.

After working out what it is you want for yourself you can take the steps to achieving those goals. Whether it be the drilling of a bootcamp thats going to get you there, the gym or a personal trainer, try a few different things, decide what you like and don’t be knocked back, you will get there!

Jess xox

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