This is Jamie, she came to me wanting to get her pre-baby body back and be happy when she looks in the mirror. We only had 5 weeks as she was moving abroad. 4Kg down and feeling a lot stronger & toned, she is happy with the results.


What were your goals before you started training?

Before I started training, after having had two kids, I was unhappy with the way my body looked. My

desire to make a change wasn’t so much about losing weight but about feeling healthier, stronger

and more self confident.

Did you achieve these?

Definitely. Jess first analysed my eating habits (which were pretty bad). She then took time to come

up with a meal plan for me and also to explain why I need to eat certain types of food. With the new

eating regime I started feeling more awake and full of energy but the meal plan (together with the

exercising) helped in other unexpected ways as well: I started feeling more confident and more in

control of other aspects of my life.

What were good aspects of the training?

Having Jess come over at the agreed time a few times a week stopped me from making excuses not

to exercise. She made training fun and interesting each time by adding various elements to the

standard exercises and explaining the purpose behind each exercise. I loved the fact that she

tracked my progress (measurements, videos and photos) because it was very motivating to see how

much I progressed even though I felt at times like I was getting nowhere. She’s also a very pleasant

person to be around and I was genuinely looking forward to seeing her in the morning.

Did you find anything particularly difficult?

Yes. At the start everything was difficult: eating less, preparing meals in advance, thinking about

food differently, working out regularly… After about ten days or so though, it became a lot easier

and actually fun. It forced our family to eat together, it got me to be more organised about food

shopping and meal prep and I began to enjoy the exercising and pushing myself to the limit of what

my body can do.

What do you think helped you to be successful so far in your journey?

Strong will and determination, Jess’ emotional support and seeing the progress I was making.

Would you have liked anything to have been done differently?


How do you feel now?

Having lost 4 kilos in five weeks in a healthy way, I feel like I know a lot more about nutrition and

eating healthy as well as the benefits of different kinds of exercises. I feel stronger, healthier and I

like my body a lot more. I plan to continue training with Jess because she’s very organised,

systematic, enthusiastic, motivating and inspiring, a perfect workout trainer.

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