10km run – #AvonFrauenLauf

When Adidas wrote just over a week ago, inviting me to an event on Sunday 2tst May, including a 10k run on 20th May, I couldn’t say no. I have been wanting to get better at running for a while now, and always had an injury or some sort of niggle. So now that I […]

Mini Abdominal Workout

Hey Guys! So just a little workout routine for you to do to get your abs (your tummy muscles) nice and strong! Try and do as many rounds as possible without compromising your form. Stay strong throughout and make sure your spine is always flat to the floor. This means tense your tummy muscles on […]


I think goals are one of the most important things in life. No matter how big or small, long term or short term, they are what drive us to become better, to learn, to discover and to grow as a person. Everyone who is on a fitness journey has a goal. It could be that […]

7 Reasons Why A Bootcamp Training Is The Best For YOU!

There are so many different types of workout out there at the moment, you can go to the gym, go to workout classes, get a personal trainer OR join a Bootcamp! You have to try out what’s best for you but here just a few reasons why joining a Bootcamp is sometimes the best way […]

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