Comparison Is a Thief

Comparison is the thief of joy and until you start to work from an internal focus, you won’t get what you want quickly or sustainably!

Soul Shape Fitness goes Abroad

CAN I GET A HELL YEAH IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING WITH YOUR LIFE AND YOU DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP….   HELL YEAH!!! No on a serious note, I’m 26, I’ve spent the past 2 years building up my own personal training and bootcamp company, Soul Shape Fitness in Munich. I’ve had my […]

10km run – #AvonFrauenLauf

When Adidas wrote just over a week ago, inviting me to an event on Sunday 2tst May, including a 10k run on 20th May, I couldn’t say no. I have been wanting to get better at running for a while now, and always had an injury or some sort of niggle. So now that I […]

My Spartan Race Munich

Recently I took part in the Spartan Race Munich. It was so much fun and I would definitely do it again! Most people moan about the cost, but the organisers have definitely made an effort to make it fun, unpredictable and a challenge for everyone. Above is my favourite photo – we still managed to laugh […]


I think goals are one of the most important things in life. No matter how big or small, long term or short term, they are what drive us to become better, to learn, to discover and to grow as a person. Everyone who is on a fitness journey has a goal. It could be that […]

Where do I start?…

So the fitness movement seems to be the in trend at the moment and there seems to be as many different opinions of what ‘healthy’ actually is, as there are fish in the sea. Social media such as Instagram actually offer an insight into these different opinions and I am often surprised and astounded by […]

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