I swear by preparing the week ahead on Sunday so you start off on a high feeling

☀️in control
☀️on top of things

If you leave everything up to chance you’re not steering your life in the direction you want. You can chose! And that is how you feel successful.

💥Plan in your workouts
💥Meal prep for busy times
💥Plan in your NEAT – walks, dancing, tidying whatever
💥me time
💥time with friends or family

Get an overview of how the week will look so if shit does hit the fan you always have a plan to come back to 😎

Your future self will thank you for it!
This Sunday ritual changed my life massively. I get easily stressed lol and overwhelmed. So it reduces the chances of that happening 💖

I have a free meal planner that you can download or a printed version you can buy to start the week all ready and prepped food wise!

It doesn’t have to be perfect but you can definitely start now! Each week you can see what worked, what didn’t. How you can optimise everything… just try and get 1% better each day / week!

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