Okay so lets get this right, I love it when other people make it. I’m not a great cook at the best of times, but cooking vegan food somehow puts me on edge. If my food at home was like Rebella Bex Buddha Bowl that I tried this week, then I would happily be a vegan. But I often feel like I’m missing out when I cook it myself.

I am aware people chose to be vegan for many reasons – either / or. Food intolerances, out of love and respect for animals, to fight the poor living/ slaughter conditions our meat industry allows and I’m sure there are others…

Obviously vegan doesn’t always mean healthy, however more and more people seem to be turning to a plant based lifestyle. I really do want to try for a longer period of time to be Vegan, Rebella Bex’s cute little cafe has definitely inspired me.

This (top picture) was my first taste of a Buddha Bowl and it was so good! I love the fact you have so many different flavours and foods in one meal (the contents are on the chalk board among the other foods they offered. There are a choice of two sizes, of course I was greedy and got the bigger size when the other would have sufficed 😀

I chose the Iced detox tea and that also tasted nice, unsweetened and very healthy!

You can go during lunch and take something to go, or they have a lovely little seating area out in the pedestrian area in the sunshine by a water fountain. She also offers ‘Early Bert’ yoga and Business yoga at lunch time which i definitely want to give a go.

The atmosphere is very inviting, the people are friendly and the cafe itself is really nicely decorated.You instantly feel welcome and I definitely want to go back. What would a vegan lunch be without a vegan desert?

There was a fridge full of an wonderful selection of cakes and tastes. All vegan?! Yep! And I was not disappointed with my Chocolate Brownie & Cherry choice.

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