August 2020 Recipe Book


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30 different delicious recipes. A yummy selection of starters, sides, main courses and deserts, designed to make your life easy by including all the nutritional information you need.

Make healthy choices and stay on track by easily scanning them into Myfitnesspal. You don’t have to add each ingredients individually, the barcode does that for you! Smart huh!

August Recipe Book Contents:

Banana Protein Waffles 8
Chia Pot with Berry Puree 10
Chili Garlic Leeks & Tomato on Toast 12
Turmeric Fried Eggs 14
Aubergine & Courgette Hash 16

Lemony Alfalfa and Goats Cheese 20
Potato and Red Onion Rocket Salad 22
Pizza Bagels 24
Sesame Carrot Fries 26
Red Pepper Dip 28
Beetroot Caprese 30

Chermoula Chickpea Salad 34
Taco Bowls 36
Flaming Tofu Salad 38
Turkey Ham Quesadillas 40
Sesame Chicken 42
Steak with Apple Sauce 44
Lamb Shanks with Guiness 46
Roasted Tomato Soup 48
Artichoke Heart Parmesan Bake 50
Tofu Sliders 52
Skillet Chicken and Orzo 54
Pesto Pasta with Sausage 56
Mushroom Stroganoff 58
Roasted Cauliflower Bowl 60
Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo 62

Choc Bananas 66
Lemony Coconut Balls 68
Matcha Ice Cream 70
Red Plum Tart 72

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