New Moon in Libra

🌑🌙New Moon in Libra ♎️

Why does it matter?

A new moon symbolises new beginnings. It’s a chance for you to reflect and set new intentions for the coming cycle. To let go of things, people, energies that are no longer serving you.

⚖️ Libra is the sign of balance or creating equilibrium in all areas of life.
This can be also understood through Yin and Yang or the masculine and feminine energies. You can’t have one without the other.

💪🏽🌙In regards to training and your fitness journey. Remind yourself that nothing will be perfect, allow yourself to go with the flow. If you find yourself trying to control a situation too much and getting stressed about when to train etc, let go and see how it naturally flows and be open to accepting that we as humans are imperfectly perfect.
On the flip side – If you find you’ve become too lackadaisical then try and bring some organisation and planning back into your routine with some new intentions and a plan how to move toward your goal 🌈

Focus more on what YOU want and what gives you PEACE rather than outside opinions or judgment or even judging yourself. 🥰

Use this new energy from this moon to drive yourself forward 💪🏽

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