My Spartan Race Munich

Recently I took part in the Spartan Race Munich. It was so much fun and I would definitely do it again! Most people moan about the cost, but the organisers have definitely made an effort to make it fun, unpredictable and a challenge for everyone.

Above is my favourite photo – we still managed to laugh 😀

So the race we did was 7km, had around 31 obstacles including swimming through the Munich Olympiapark lake at the beginning of April! I think that for me was the worst part. Luckily we had amazing sunshine so when we came out we dried and got warm pretty quickly.

How did I prepare?

So we created a group, 4 of us, 3 girls and one guy and tried to train together in preparation but it never really worked as one of us was always busy, so we trained mostly separately. I think you need to be able to run at least 5km to take part in the race as the first obstacle was a very steep hill, you need to build your stamina. 

  • Plenty of Burpees – build stamina, progress from simple Burpee to chest to floor Burpee.
  • Interval Sprint Training – improves your running time and stamina
  • Weight Training – Building muscle and getting stronger was definitely a good think to do pre-race as many obstacles needed you to pull yourself up, climb or push/pull weights.
  • Carrying heavy things – Learning how to carry heavy weights correctly for a longer period of time, this was one of the obstacles that I found very difficult!
  • Climbing – So it is difficult to practice climbing, unless you go to a park with bars specifically for workouts, but you could go to a rock climbing centre or just make sure you train your arms and shoulders and back during your preparation period.

Is it for everyone?

I say yes, as long as you are healthy and you can run at least 5km. It was more difficult than I expected, however you achieve each obstacle as a team, helping each other, pushing each other and if you don’t make an obstacle, well then its 30 burpees…..but a burpee never killed nobody. So in the words of one of my clients ‘harden the fuck up’ ….and strive towards a goal that scares you. The feeling of accomplishment will overtake your feeling of fear once you realise you’ve completed something you never thought you would. I was grateful for a guy in the group because he was able to boost us over a few of the hurdles and you can also share the punishment burpees as a team.

Top Tips:

  1. Make sure you have some long trousers or socks on so the rope climbing doesnt burn your legs – (I managed to rope burn mine the day before in practice ….OUCH!)
  2. If you can, then take some magnesium with you, people told me I would get cramps after the cold water and I didn’t believe them, which actually made me fall off an obstacle when I couldn’t move and got cramp in my leg haha.
  3. Take your fans 😀 ….get your friends and family to come and support you, its nice to have a sip of water from them in between, some magnesium, lots of photos and just for general support!
  4. Wear some gardening gloves, or something to protect your hands from climbing, carrying etc.
  5. Have a change of clothes for the end of the race, hopefully you can relax in the sun at the end like I did.
  6. Enjoy the process, enjoy the team spirit, enjoy training together, enjoy it all……i promise you its worth it 😀


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