So I recently got the opportunity to test three different MyMuesli products. Thanks again to MyMuesli for making this happen! This is actually the first time I have ever tried one of their products. I remember first seeing them in the supermarkets a few years ago and being a student I was slightly scared off by their prices, they are definitely above the average cereal prices on the shelves with one 500g/ 575g box costing around €7,90 – €12,90 ( £5,90 -£7,90).

It originated as an online company based in Germany where you could customise your own muesli. Starting with a muesli base such as Bircher Oats followed by adding different fruits, nuts, seeds and chocolate. This allows you to create a diet specific cereal that is perfect for you! All of their ingredients are also completely organic and free from GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), which I LOVE and completely fits in with my views of healthy living.

As some of you may know, a few months ago I decided to turn to the paleo lifestyle. This means no grains, dairy or added sugar which sadly cuts out the majority of supermarket cereals these days. I found it very difficult to find a muesli that ticked all of the paleo boxes and still tasted yummy. So when MyMuesli sent me the PaleoCoconutCrunchy Muesli Box (only available in Germany at the moment I believe) I was really excited to try it!

So it’s Monday morning and I’ve got a bowl of PaleoCoconutCrunchy in my hand, of course with a dash of almond milk. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of coconut but you coconut lovers out there will be pleased to know they are very generous in their serving of it. It is indeed completely grain free and the base of the Muesli is made up of different nuts and seeds, not too nutty though which is exactly how I like it! I’d got used to basically mixing my own muesli up in the mornings with a grain free base and adding goji berries and what not, but this actually gives you everything you need in a 50g serving! With a mix of blueberries, raspberries strawberries, coconut, honey, bourbon- vanilla and **love** … I do actually really like the taste and crunchy texture!

The only thing that still does put me off is the price, however if you did stick to the 50g recommended serving each portion would be about €1.29 which isn’t bad consideringalll the ingredients are ultra healthy and organic too! However I eat like a mouse, and I know men would eat double my portions so it depends what you prefer to prioritise! Either your purse or your healthy food choice!

I’ve actually surprised myself by working out that it’s only €1.29 per serving, and I’m willing to pay that if it guarantees me a nutritious breakfast!

MyMuesli have also sent me KakaoSplitterNussMuesli and ApfelMandelGranola I’ll give them a whirl this week and let you know how I get on!! In the meantime you should check out their website because they have an abundance of different options such as mini bowls to take with you on the go, stay in shape options and many more! 💜😘

They have definitely made my muesli mornings !

Jess xox


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