Mia’s Soul Shape Success Story

A sustainable way to lose weight using the flexible dieting method. Get in touch if you wish to lose weight, tone up and feel confident in your own skin again like Mia.

What were your goals before you started training? 

Before I started my training plan, my main goal was to slim down and lead a healthy lifestyle again. I never had a set number of kilos in my head which I’d wished to lose; I just wanted to feel happy and healthy in my skin again after falling into rut. It was also important for me to establish a balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle after having yo-yoed following a phase of fad diets.

Did you achieve these? 

Definitely! Before I began my training plan, Jess helped me to analyse my current lifestyle and diet and identified which areas I needed to work on. After creating a plan suited to my needs, Jess was always contactable for any questions I had and also helped me to tweak and perfect my training plan after the first few weeks. I managed to settle into my new routine relatively quickly and could easily integrate healthy eating habits and sport to fit around my busy schedule.

What were good aspects of the training? 

I really enjoyed the flexibility and variety of the training. Attending bootcamp twice a week was a great motivation to get myself active and out of the house and Jess always ensured that I pushed myself further than I ever would at the gym. In addition to bootcamp sessions, Jess also designed a weight training workout for me which I could easily do from the comfort of my living room and ensured that I was using the correct techniques in one-on-one PT sessions.

Did you find anything particularly difficult? 

In the first few weeks, I was lethargic and wasn’t performing as well at bootcamp as I used to. Jess reviewed my diet plan and told me to increase my calorie intake to ensure that I could hit my fitness goals. For the first time whilst dieting, I actually got told that I needed to eat more!

What do you think helped you to be successful so far in your journey? 

Jess’ support as well as the flexibility of the training plan were key to my success! I always punished myself in the past when I couldn’t complete diet plans or fitness programmes but Jess helped me realise that I needed to learn about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and integrate this knowledge into my day-to-day life.

Would you have liked anything to have been done differently? 

Not at all! Jess’ training plan was just what I needed to kickstart my new healthy lifestyle!

How do you feel now? 

It’s been a week since I finished my training plan and I’m motivated to keep up the good work. In the last couple of months, I’ve gained so much body confidence and I don’t want to stop now. Jess has inspired me to get fitter, stronger and healthier and I want to keep working on improving myself further in the next few months. Thank you Jess for helping me get to this stage; there’s no way that I could have got as far as I have without you!

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