Sorry in advance, this post is a bit of a mood killer – BUT IT’S IMPORTANT. YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Have you seen them? The videos of our animals in slaughter houses or gas chambers? No? I usually click away from them too, but recently I’ve been watching them, because I think it’s important not to turn a blind eye.

It’s become so normal these days to buy meat from the supermarket and not even think about how the animals are kept. When was the last time you saw pigs, cows or chickens in a field grazing? Have you not wondered where the masses of meat come from to feed our families everyday?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that we have a horrible, painful & poor slaughter system in which hundreds of thousands of animals suffer every day. They are kept in small cages, that they will never leave their ENTIRE lives, they are fed antibiotics and other chemicals to make them grow twice / three times in size & cripple under their unnatural weight. They are unhappy, they are poorly, they are in living hell.

This is what we are nourishing ourselves with. This meat that we are treating and feeding awfully – is our main staple of food in most households every day.

You wonder why you go to the doctors because your anti-biotics aren’t working well – because all the meat that you’ve eaten that has been also treated with antibiotics has made you resistant.

You wonder why you have an omega-3 / omega-6 deficiency – because the animals and meat that you eat, that used to feed on grass, grass that contains all the omega-3 and omega-6 balance that we need in our diets –  no longer have a choice and are fed corn or other scraps.

This has an effect on your body!

I’m not saying you have to go completely meat free , because I enjoy sausages, bacon & a yummy steak every now and again too.

But think about where your food is coming from and boycott the abuse.

This is where ‘Der Konrad Hof’ in Munich comes in. They say you are welcome anytime to come and visit their farm, and see the happy animals grazing. The animals are kept in the best, healthiest conditions eg. the chickens are sometimes kept with the pigs as pigs attract flies and when those flies die, the chickens will eat them. The closest conditions to nature you could get, and they are happy and alive until they are killed humanely. You can then eat your meat guilt free and know you’re supporting a respectable system.


Alternatively Rewe in Munich have now started selling Quorn Products. I make all my minced meat dishes with this and you would seriously never know the difference! They are also high in protein so you won’t be missing out on anything in your diet.


Do your bit for the animals!


Love Jess xox

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