Right now it seems like the whole world is in quarantine. We now have to move even less to get to work, and the kitchen may even be your work place. Unless you make a conscious effort to move the same amount as before, you will probably have to reduce your food intake by 10-15%. I have also had a lot of clients telling me this week, how snacking is a big issue right now.

I always have a snack prepared, something healthy, just incase. However when I am nervous or have underlying stress, it’s definitely something difficult for me to stop going to the fridge to deal with it. Out of comfort. We definitely have a rise in anxiety and stress all around right now so it can be difficult for many. You are not alone.

In order to stop snacking out of boredom or comfort or walking through the kitchen and grabbing a few things, below is a meal planner for you to download. I suggest you fill it out every Sunday in order for it to help you stay on track.

Plan your meals

Do your weekly shop in one go and get all the ingredients for your week, or at least the next 3 days ahead, healthy snacks included. This could be anything from carrot sticks, fruit, berries, low calorie bars like fibre one. Protein bars/ protein yoghurts….

If you even wanted to take it one step further you could prepare those meals for the next couple of days in one go so all the cooking is out of the way and you just need to grab what you have prepared!

If you need more help, email jessica@soulshapefitness.com for info on my meal plan services.

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