I am very lucky that I love my job! …. I currently personal train and do bootcamps,  but I also do private daycare for kids and babies. I’ve always wanted to work with kids and seeing as my main clients in PT are 90% adults, I needed to find a way to keep that balance.

I think it’s really important to do a job you love and be able to balance that out with positive surroundings in your personal life. Something that inspires you everyday to learn more and better yourself and help others along the way. Yes I can tell you how to eat well, how to train so you get abs, but if you have no time because your job makes you work 45 hours + or your ‘friends’ are causing problems around you you’re not going to be happy.

Of course there are those people who are workaholics and others who get off on drama in their life but I’m not one of them. And I know many of you aren’t either.

Being healthy is not just about working out, or getting your five a day. It’s more than that, it’s about you as a whole. It’s about your work life, you should enjoy it! It’s about your personal life, you should want to come home everyday. And if you don’t … Then do something about it! Change it. Think about what it is you really want in life.

I think many people do things to please others, I know I’m very guilty of it! But it’s your life! Don’t neglect YOURSELF for someone else. You come first. Because if you do you won’t be happy and that kind of unhappiness leads to resentment, stress, regret and that can sadly lead to illness! You’re only on this planet once so make the most of it! Find a LIFE BALANCE that you are proud of and happy to live.
Love Jess xox

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