Keep Fit – Low Budget

I hear many reasons, everyday, all year round, why people can’t take part in workouts or make personal training sessions or why they can’t eat healthily.

Some reasons are valid, and some reasons are EXC– USES.

To EVERY excuse, there is an answer. And in this blog post, I have the secret to one excuse in particular.

That would be this excuse: ‘It’s too expensive’ …..whether this is because you are a student, paying off your mortgage, feeding your 9 kids or just a tightwad.

I have 7 simple ideas for you to be able to get fit too!

  1. EQUIPMENT: You don’t NEED really expensive equipment, they’re a luxury. There are plenty versions out there that are just as good, that don’t cost a bomb…. which I use too! Weights could be filled up water bottles -easy peasy! You can use a towel over a door handle to do rows on. Or buy some low price resistance bands and a sling trainer to optimise your workouts. You can also take them on holiday!
    Mini bands
    Sling Trainer
  2. GROUP TRAINING (BOOTCAMP) – now there are many to chose from but I heard SOUL SHAPE FITNESS BOOTCAMP is the best 😉 … it’s cheaper than personal training, you get a full body workout and you have a trainer who will push you to your limits so you get the most out of your training session.
  3. GYMS – you don’t NEED a sauna, a pool and a crèche etc etc in your gym. There are plenty of low budget gyms that are just as good, sometimes even have better equipment and cost 1/16th of the price of those expensive ones. I personally love Fitx Munich. ALL of their locations that I have been to are clean, look good, have good equipment and do the job. That’s what we want.
  4. YOUTUBE – there are so many YouTube channels out there with FREE workouts. I’m not going to lie, I rarely do them but I have had many reccomendations for FitnessBlender, lots of my clients have been doing Betty Rocker too. Just go online and using trial and error find something that suits you 🙂
  5. APPS – There are lots of apps out there to help you keep on track with not only workouts but also food. Plenty of them are for free. One of my favourite apps that i use EVERY day is MyFitnessPal. It helps you track your macros, so thats all your food, the calories and the nutritional values. I also really enjoyed doing StretchIT for a while, you get a few weeks for free but then you have to pay. I also enjoyed doing yoga every morning from the Sworkit app which is also free! I have also seen that they have now brought out more versions training core, arms and legs ….so definitely an super option to keep fit.
  6. COOK – Nothing beats home cooking, not only does it save you ridiculous amounts of money, you can chose where you’re food comes from, control your portion sizes and macros. Try meal prepping too so that you are not caught out on the go. Preparation is key 😀 You can also buy meal prep boxes …I tried these (Click Here) from amazon but found them too flimsy, so my client showed me these (click here) and I think they are great.
  7. GET OUTDOORS! -There is nothing like using our surroundings, hills, steps, benches, tree branches etc to optimise out workouts. Try doing 12 hill sprints for a quick HIIT session. You will soon be out of breath and building your stamina for absolutely €0!

Let me know if you have any cool ideas to keep fit low budget. After all, its always good to feel like you’ve saved some money!

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