So Caro and I saw that there will be a ladies fun run in Munich coming up in September! ….So obviously we decided to sign up for it and get all the Bootifit Bootcamp ladies to sign up too! Not only did we sign up straight away, but we thought we would skip the 5km and jump straight to the 8km! CRAZY I KNOW RIGHT?! ….


If you don’t normally run, you will definitely need to do some training beforehand. I have often had a goal that was a few months away and thought I had all the time in the world to practice and train and the before I knew it, the race was the next weekend and I can tell you it wasn’t a pretty sight!


Here are some run training tips for you sassy ladies that will get you in top form for any running race:


  1. ALLOW ENOUGH TIME! ….So if you’re training for a marathon, you’re obviously going to have to start a lot earlier than if you were to train for a 5km race (depending on your fitness levels obviously). Start slow. Don’t try and go running everyday, your body will K.O before you’ve even begun. Start with small runs twice a week and when you feel comfortable, start running a further distance or upping the ante to 3 runs per week and so on.


  1. TIME YOUR CARBS! ….Yes, you will need carbohydrates to give you energy throughout your run. However avoid them 1-2 hours beforehand so that you don’t prevent your lipid metabolism (the burning of fat) functioning correctly. If your aim is fat-loss then even training morning before your food intake could be beneficial for you. Eat carbs with a low GI ….so sweet potatoes are a great carb to eat as it slowly releases the energy so you can feel all good throughout your run.


  1. WEAR THE CORRECT CLOTHING…. Please do not run in any other shoes than trainers, I die a little bit inside when I see someone jogging in converse. Make sure your trainers are done up correctly and are not slipping off your feet or even too tight. I will do a post on correct shoes next week! You need the correct support for your feet as they are what carry you throughout your run. You should be wearing breathable clothing, I usually wear clothing from Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Puma as I know they let my skin breathe and aren’t cheap material that could irritate my skin & also look great!


  1. BE PREPARED! ….If you’re one of those people who really needs a kick up the bum to get going, you need to be prepared not to let yourself give into your willpower. Put your running clothes out before you go to bed! Wake up and go running! Then you have it behind you and there are no chances for excuses throughout the day! You’ve seized the day one step at a time! And believe me you will feel blooming great for it!


  1. KEEP TRACK….. Make a note of the how far you go and what time you do it in. There is nothing more motivating than seeing progression when you’re training! You can do this really easily by downloading a running app. I personally love the Nike running app. It tracks your speed, your distance and if you have gps then it also tracks the route that you ran! You can also compete with others who have the app and add a bit of a competition feeling to it! I sometimes post mine to instagram @jess_blogpt …here you can check out what I’ve been doing 🙂


  1. MAKE A PLAYLIST…. So I personally cannot run without a decent bit of music. I need to make sure what I’m listening to is upbeat, happy and fast. These songs keep me going. When I’m feeling tired and I hear the sound of my favourite drum and bass song…. I pick up my speed and suddenly have energy that I didn’t know I had! TRY IT!! The Nike running app is also great for this as they allow personal playlists and you can choose certain ‘Power songs’ where if you’re feeling low, you click the app and it immediately plays that pick me up song you specifically chose!


  1. TRAIN WITH A FRIEND…..Sometimes I love an hour long 10km run where I can just switch off and listen to my music, however sometimes it can seem incredibly boring. If you have someone to train with, you can both encourage each other to run, train and push each other to go further. Especially if you are one of those people with low will power 😉 This could be what you need!


  1. RUNNING TRAINING IS NOT JUST RUNNING… You may think the more you run the better you’ll get, but there is a lot more to it than that! In order to be a good runner you need good leg muscles and core muscles to keep you going. In this respect you would benefit from some leg strength and weight training. You also need to have muscles that are supple and can move the range that your legs run, for this you would benefit from stretches eg. Yoga. Then you will obviously need to practice running as your muscles need to build up the stamina to be able to deal with the energy and oxygen supplies throughout the run!



  1. SEE AN EXPERT… If you’re unsure if you’re on the right track, you should always consult an expert. There are specific running shops, who employ people with expert advice to help you with things such as shoes, supplements (if you wish to take any definitely consult a trained expert first), training etc. You could also see a personal trainer for a session and ask for advice.


  1. MAKE SURE YOUR TECHNIQUE IS CORRECT….. If you’re running lengthy distances, you want to make sure your body is holding itself properly before you do irreparable damage. Your back/ spine should be straight, your feet should be pushing back into a 90* angle. Your feet should not be flicking out to the side. You need to practice upper body and lower body co-ordination in order for your body’s muscle groups to work together and perform at its best. Your breathing must allow you to breathe into your belly and back out. Don’t just breathe into the upper part of your lungs, utilise your whole respiratory system to get sufficient oxygen pumping around your body.


Good luck with your training and most of all HAVE FUN WITH IT!! Email me if you have any questions!


Love Jess xox


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