How To Stay Motivated

I know it can be really hard sometimes to stay on track. Even I struggle sometimes. Being a personal trainer may make it easier in some respect because I actually enjoy training and healthy food, however I’m still human. Cakes do still tempt me, people still try and persuade me and I am sometimes my own worst enemy, I am sure we have all been there.

I had a bit of a difficult year last year for several reasons, a break up, my first year of self-employment, moving into my own place and living in a different country to which I would call home. I think lots of you who read my blog are expats so you probably understand how isolating all of that can be.

It all got a bit much and I did go off track a bit. Less training, more socialising, not fueling my body with the nutrition and goodness it was craving. Feeling stressed but then doing the exact opposite of what would actually do you good. This often becomes almost a catch 22, stuck in a rut and to jump back out is super difficult. It becomes a self destructive pattern. It definitely took some soul searching, and also a lot of strength to change these unhealthy habits I had developed. I’m definitely not saying all of this for sympathy, but just for you to know it’s not always super easy for me just because I’m a PT.

So BOOM!!…..Here are a few things that I think great ways to help you stay on track, get out of a rut or bring back a bit more motivation.

  1. Write your goals down. I’m talking little weekly goals, that are realistic and achievable. Whether it be drink more water, or eat one portion more veggies per day, go to the gym 5 times a week instead of 2 – it will feel good to achieve it and hopefully will manifest itself into your daily routine.
  2. Tell your friends and family to support you. Theres nothing worse than wanting to stay on track and having the people around you being unsupportive and trying to lead you astray. They don’t have to to join you in training or eating healthier, but they also don’t have to rub your nose in it if they are eating chocolate or something else you love. Friends can also motivate you to do a workout with them, so you could join a fitness group :D… Soul Shape Fitness Bootcamps. We always motivate each other to come to the workouts.
  3. Get a fitness watch. I honestly love my Garmin watch. It tracks my daily steps, it tracks my workouts and how many calories I burn and also has GPS which I love when I go for a run or ride my bike! I also regularly have step competitions with my friends which also encourages me to move more even when I’m feeling lazy.
  4. Find something you love. You are never going to stick to a meal plan with food you dislike, the same goes for training. Find out what you like and stick to it. It could be boxing, dancing, zumba or bootcamps.  Or all of the above! I personally found a love for weight training and hill sprints. I use these things to make me happier and also as a good balance to the stress I sometimes have.
  5. Make a dream board. If you cant picture it, or have a clear vision of what you want, how will you ever get there? Whether its a page of motivational quotes, certain physiques that inspire your training or healthy food you want to eat more of, it will motivate you, especially at the low points where you’re finding it most difficult.
  6. Have a mentor. Someone who inspires you, they could have been through the same thing or just someone to confide in. Everyone needs someone to talk to, and bounce off with ideas. Your personal trainer could be your mentor, a family member or professor at uni.
  7. Consistency not perfection. This is something I have to remind myself of continuously, because you are never going to be perfect, and ‘perfect’ is always subjective. So just try and be consistent with your food choices and gym that way a slip up wont be an issue :).
  8. Live your life. I always advocate balance, however if you want to slim down or gain muscle, or change your physique in anyway – you will have to spend a period of time where you are disciplined. The more disciplined you are, the better YOUR results will be. However, find your balance, so many women are going form one extreme (binge eating) to the other (starving themselves) and missing out on life’s joys. A piece of chocolate won’t kill you, but neither will counting your macros.
  9. Get a personal trainer. They have the power and motivation to get you up out of bed and work your butt off, thats their job, and they might be able to kick start that self motivation again 😀


I hope some of these tips help you, and I am always available via email:

[email protected]

if you have any questions about workouts or nutrition!


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