Mornings wouldn’t be the same without a good coffee! So I was invited by Heart Munich to a special #Bloggerbrunch where we were treated to amazing food and gorgeous cups of Nespresso Coffee – (what else!!)

It was great to get together with a group of like-minded people in Munich, not many girls have a fitness blog like Caro and I, but they cover Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior Design and many more things your get hooked on Instagram for inspiration and ideas!

HeartMunich always put on a great event, wether you are invited personally or turn up on a Friday night and want to have a good time – you are always warmly welcomed!

Here are some inside pics of what went down…..

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There are a few things to remember when drinking coffee!

  1. Around three cups of coffee are absolutely fine to drink per day IF you are already hydrated, make sure you have a glass of water before your coffee in the morning & are drinking enough through the day (three litres of water). Don’t use coffee to hydrate yourself. All my clients hate me when I say this – but the best way to drink your coffee is black, so……
  2. No Dairy – At Soul Shape Fitness we suggest substitutes such as almond milk or rice milk are better, especially if you are wanting to lose weight.
  3.  No Sugar – If you insist on sweetening your coffee why don’t you try natural honey. It’s an acquired taste but you soon get used to it and you avoid using any refined sugars whether white or brown.
  4. Quality – The taste says it all really – give your body what it deserves! At only €0,30-€0,50 per capsule, the Nespresso taste is definitely worth it!

Safe to say it was a great event and we loved being part of it and we look forward to being part of the next one! <3


Love Jess xox


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