Eating healthily when you’re super busy, rushing around all day and you’re on a budget can be tricky. Even I struggle, especially when a chocolate bar or packet of crisps are the right size to just grab on your way out of the supermarket and satisfy those hunger pangs quickly. However, as soon as that happens, my healthy eating is usually out of the window for the rest of the day ….and I know I’m not the only one! Here are just a few tips to help you stay on track even with the busiest of schedules….

  1. PREPARE! I know many of you may have had a long day, but instead of sitting on the couch  in the evening you could quickly rustle up a salad or healthy meal to take with you the next morning. Is what you’re watching more important than your health? You could even double up and cook up enough food in the evening to have something to heat up at work the following day.

Grabbing a sandwich in the supermarket can also be a rookie error, they often add sugar, trans fats and lots of other nasty chemicals such as preservatives into their foods. Making a sandwich the night before with produce you know is healthy with enough salad to give you those much needed vitamins is a great idea! And you’ll probably save heaps of money. BE CAREFUL…lots of salad dressings also include way too much sugar and can be even more calorific than a fast food burger! Be smart and read the labels before you purchase! Here’s a few great healthy snacks for on the go:

  • Bananas – These are great to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, they’re filled with potassium and you don’t even have to wash it before you eat it! Super cheap and easy to purchase almost anywhere! Be careful of sugar levels with this snack though!
  • Nuts & Seeds – If you just keep a small Tuppaware of nuts and seeds in your handbag or sports bag you can immediately tuck in when you start to feel hungry! They’re filled with healthy fats and omega-3’s to keep your skin, hair and nails looking gorgeous! You only need very little to get your tummy feeling sated and too many can be negative if you are on a weight-loss journey. Don’t forget to refill them for the next day!
  • Peppers – I can eat a red pepper like an apple! It’s a great snack to keep in your bag and obviously has a lot less sugar than fruits! They’re not expensive and often come in packs of three…. So thats one of you’re five a day sorted and above all, they’re low in sugar!
  • Cold meats – If you know you’re not going to be going any where really hot (because it could go off), you can take some leftover cold chicken or other meat with you for lunch. Its a great source of protein and you know it’s not processed or ‘reformed’ meat.

2. Dark chocolate…if you’re really having chocolate cravings, don’t give in just yet! Buy some dark chocolate, 85% cacao or more (the higher the better). I never used to believe people when they said it would satisfy you from one little square but from experience it does! It’s packed with loads of great anti-oxidants for your skin and liver so you don’t even really have to feel that bad about eating it! And I’ll be posting very soon about my favourite dark chocolates so you can find the one that suits you best! They can be so yummy once you get used to the bitter taste.

3. Chewing gum is an absolute no. If you want something to freshen you up, get a fisherman’s friend from the health food shops or chew on some fresh mint leaves ….they’re not just good for Hugos 😉

4. Cooked vegetables. It might sound weird but I often steam a batch of broccoli or carrots or any other veg and snack on that. Veggies filled with vitamins and minerals that keep your energy levels high throughout the day are fantastic to have on the go! You could even have some hummus for dipping or some salsa if you’re feeling spicy.

Do you have any yummy snacks to eat on the go? Let me know & I will add them to my list so we can pass on the goodness!

Love Jess xxx

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