Gola Active – Trainers for every occasion.

Soul Shape Fitness Bootcamps take place, come rain or shine and for this, you must have suitable attire. My criteria when looking for a pair of trainers goes as follows:

  • Does the trainer suit its purpose (aka waterproof for rainy days, or light for quick sprints).

  • Does the trainer support and fit my foot in the best way possible.

  • How the trainer looks.

I tend to go for number 3 first, because I would be lying if I said looks don’t matter. Anyone who says that is lying. Unless you’re completely not with the times, but even then I don’t believe you’d wear ugly clodhoppers on your feet.


    Anyway, I came across the Goal Active range, I was looking for a shoe with slightly thicker soles as I will be outside in icy, wet and slippery conditions throughout winter. I decided to go for the Gola Outdoor trainer which is more or less a Trail / Trecking shoe. They’re very sturdy, have a great profile and thicker material yet breathable.

I have quite narrow feet, and they do actually come up quite big on me across my foot, so I’ve just added some of my own insoles so that they fit me better. I’ve worn them a few times now and I do find they keep your feet a lot warmer than trainers with just a mesh front. They also keep my feet a lot dryer which is really important as we are often in minus degree conditions, this can quickly make your feet into little ice blocks.  So I am pretty happy with these. I have to admit they’re not the most stylish, but when taking their purpose into account then I think that doesn’t matter too much.


At the other end of the spectrum, is the lightweight grey Gola Active trainer. To my mind, this one has far more visual appeal. But they’re not only easy on the eye, they’re also easy on the feet.

I love a lightweight trainer, they’re comfy, don’t weigh your gym bag down yet still add support. Once again these are slightly too wide for me, so I think Gola in general have a slightly wider fitting than my narrow feet. I love the way they look, and that the colour allows them to be so versatile.

I would wear these for a weights training session or are more suitable for everyday leisure wear rather than a hardcore cardio workout.

3. The Goal Active

So its now been really cold in Munich even down to around -14 last week and these trainers are the ONLY ones, and I eally mean the ONLY ones that keep my feet warm, dry and happy. They have amazing grip to deal with icy and snowy weather. The only drawback for me, is visually they aren’t really my style. But when they’re giving you the support and comfort a shoe should give you I don’t mind. I love these shoes, which has pleasantly surprised me!

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