So this November I decided to try the Foodist Healthy Box. I think its a great concept for people who want to try cutting edge food products & have them delivered straight to your door. They have two different boxes so if you don’t fancy being healthy you can also order their standard Foodist Box!


The difference being the healthy box will contain superfoods, gluten free products, products that don’t contain refined sugars, no additives etc. – the sort of foods we like to advocate at Soul Shape Fitness! Often we struggle to find nutritious snacks or healthy ingredients to replace the bad foods that we try to cut out – and we all know the supermarkets are onto our weaknesses, so if you can battle your way through the isles of temptation, to actually find the nutritious stuff many of us don’t even know where to start.

This is where Foodist come in – they go the extra mile to add a brochure into the box, with a small background info of all the products, suggestions for recipes or how to best use each item! I love this feature as it’s super interesting and has great ideas for new ways to spruce up your meals!

The healthy box is also 100% vegetarian which I always welcome because in spite of being a meat eater – continuous news of the appealing treatment of animals destined for our tables makes me want to drastically reduce my meat intake these days, so I am always on the lookout for new vegetarian/ vegan ideas that still tickle the taste buds!

Coming soon….. Video of my review of the box & products!

In the mean time you can get 20% discount on your first box by using the code: SOULSHAPEFITNESS20 at your checkout!  – SO WHY DON’T YOU GIVE IT A WHIRL!


Love Jess xox


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