nervous gym munich

Feeling nervous about entering a gym?

It’s normal I promise you 🙃

I used to be THAT GIRL, who felt intimidated to go to the gym and be in the weights section 🫣

I specifically picked a gym with a ladies room so I could go and feel comfortable in there…

I planned my workout so that I had to walk as little around the gym as possible and never try new equipment, feeling scared I would look stupid or use it wrong 😨

But then I realised I was holding myself back from my goals and results. I decided to educate myself. And grow in competence, and with competence your CONFIDENCE grows 🔥

I also worked on my mindset, why was I so worried about what other people think of me? I was trying to better myself, it’s MY journey. It’s about me and no one else, so I stopped allowing that to have power over me. 👩🏼‍💼

My point is. I’ve been there. I still have days like this! 

I spent so many years working all this out myself. This is why I created my 12 week Program. So you don’t have to! 

📚EDUCATIONAL – I teach you WHY we are doing certain things so you can have that knowledge for the rest of your life. 
👯‍♀️SUPPORTIVE – I am there with you to guide you, help you, support you throughout. I can help you build that confidence. Be your biggest cheerleader and also challenge you when needed. 
👁PERSONALISED – Each and everyone of us is individual, body and mind. It’s going to make so much more SENSE when you have a plan designed for you and not someone else. 

After I invested in a coach myself, I kicked myself for having done it the hard way and alone for so many years 🤦🏼‍♀️😅🙃

This is your sign ✨🤍 to DM me and join me and my ladies this September to finally get the ball rolling and join my 12 week program before end of sept and get 10% off 💜

No more excuses 😉

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