I used to find waking up so difficult! My eyes would be heavy, my body would be drained and I would snooze my alarm until I was late for work. Does this sound familiar?

I began to feel like I had severe sleep syndrome – it was really getting me down and making life miserable and I felt that I never had enough energy for the ‘get up and go’ things in life.

But it is surprising how easy it is to gain more energy by changing just a few minor things in your routine or diet, in fact you’ll be amazed how simple it is!

  • WATER!!!! I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to stay hydrated. You should be drinking at least 2-3 litres a day! Impossible you say? Why don’t you make yourself a big bottle of water – by big I mean 750ml – 1 litre – while your sitting on the couch in the evening and drink it all before you go to bed. Then… refill it and place it by your bed and in the morning drink at least half before you eat your breakfast. Don’t down it, just sip it, and carry on sipping so that you’re staying hydrated throughout the day! Add another bottle before lunch, and another bottle before evening. There! That’s your 2-3 litres done a day! Water first thing in the morning wakes you up, gets your metabolism going and breaks that fast (breakfast) of not having had any fluids for 8 hours over night! BEFORE your coffee or anything else! Try it and I guarantee you’ll soon be feeling great!
  • GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP! It sounds so simple, but a relaxed bedtime routine is essential. And by the time you’ve washed, brushed your teeth and got ready for bed, your body has already had a chance to calm down from the stresses of daily life and switch off… And have you really had your 8 hours sleep? Rest is essential for the body to recover from life’s everyday stresses, whether they be mental, physical or emotional. Sleep heals and naturally restores you, sleep energises the body so it is up and raring to go the following morning! Don’t take it for granted and deprive your body of this simple luxury. If you’re burning the candle at both ends and not giving yourself enough rest, you’ll soon find yourself paying the price. Do you really need to watch one more episode of your favourite TV show or check those work emails again? I’m sure they can wait until the morning. YOU come first. Sweet dreams!
  • DON’T BINGE EAT! I know this is much more difficult than it sounds but it’s all about organisation. Just don’t buy the chocolate crisps and junk food in the first place and you won’t be tempted to eat them. Don’t get caught up in that sugary catch 22. When you eat sugary things your insulin levels rise as the sugar’s delivered to your muscles. But the energy gained only provides short-term benefits – as sugar has a high glycemic index, so the energy doesn’t keep you going for long and soon enough you start feeling tired again. Not only that, but you’ll then be hit with ravenous cravings for more sugary things. Give into those feeling and eat more junk and you effectively fall into the sugar trap carefully laid by big industries. Because of course they know exactly how addictive sugar is and many food products are specifically designed to nurture that addiction. It’s criminal in my eyes and it is time we woke up to the tricks of the trade! Try and find a product in the supermarket that doesn’t have added sugar. Of course I’m talking about excessive amounts of sugar here, not just the odd chocolate bar here and there. If you don’t know how much sugar you eat a day, I suggest you write a food diary for a week and see exactly how much sugar you consume per day. It shouldn’t be more than 90g per day for women, which is roughly 6 teaspoons. Obviously if your revising or training you’re going to need a bit more to keep up your concentration and energy because you’re USING more. It’s all relative. Look at the products you’re eating and drinking. Be sugar wise! If I feel an urge coming on, I have a little bite of 85%-95% kakao dark chocolate! It satisfies me longer than milk chocolate and also has lots of great anti-oxidants!
  • GO GREEN! You can never get enough green veg and fruit! If you’re a smoothie lover, make sure your using at least 70% veg and 30% fruit! This keeps the sugar down and the goodness up! Kale, spinach, cucumber, courgettes, cabbages, broccoli and many more yummy other vegetables are vital in giving you those vitamins to keep your energy going. Herbs are also an excellent green to add to any meal or drink for even greater flavour and goodness. Make sure you wash it all beforehand to get rid of any harmful pesticides – you never know these days! If you have a garden, why not try growing your own! I’ve just harvested my first crop of leafy salad lettuce from my own garden! It was so easy and it’s so rewarding when you know where your food actually comes from!

So just try making these few changes to your routine and let me know how much better you feel even after the first day!

Love Jess xxx

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