Easy life hacks for better sleep-

😴Sleep is one of the most basic yet underrated things to MASSIVELY improve your life, lose weight and feel energised!

How is your sleep?
Do you fall asleep quickly? Do you stay asleep? Is it interrupted? How is the quality? How long for?

🫣In a hustle Culture world where it’s acceptable to get as little sleep as possible in the name of work – stress sicknesses such as heart disease and cancer have never been so high.

🤗Sleep is necessary. Sleep helps you make good choices & decisions. Sleep helps you recover mentally and physically. The circadian rhythm is your sleep cycle and also works together with your hormones to make you feel good 😌

💁🏼‍♀️From my experience with clients most people need 7-8 hours sleep. Very rarely can someone only sleep 5-6 hours per night without it putting a lot of stress on the body – even if they boast about it. And mums – I know it’s not your fault! Hold tight for better days to come when the little ones have settled a bit more. 👼

My top Tips for better sleep:

✨No caffeine after 2pm including green tea
✨Create a bed time routine to signal to the body to wind down
✨Don’t bring your work home
✨Use black out blinds or / and a face mask
✨Avoid stressful topics / conversations after 6pm
✨Turn off devices at least an hour before bed
✨Sleep with phone in another room
✨CBD Oil before bed
✨Exercise regularly

I recently had a client tell me she had the best night sleep ever and forgot what it was like to have a good sleep 😴- You can improve it, even if you think ‚ive always been a terrible sleeper‘ – then maybe you need to try some new things?

What is your favourite thing to help you sleep?

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