Bikini Body Tips

So here we are again, it’s the start of spring. Days are getting longer again, we have that yearning for a holiday ….and this means losing all the winter fluff we gained from snuggling up on the couch on cold winter evenings with bags of choccies or those extra potatoes with dinner 😉

Here are 7 tips or adjustments that I think are crucial to lose weight. To help you get that body where you  feel happy strutting around in a bikini this summer.

  1. Fibre, is something we hear often in connection with whole grains on the TV. Its so important because it gets everything moving inside our body. It aids digestion, makes you go to the toilet regularly and in turn can help with bloated tummies and constipation. You should be aiming for around 21-25g per day! Think chia seeds, green veggies, fruit, plums, pistachios (be careful of fat content), berries, popcorn, hummus….and I love the FibreOne bars which have a whopping 5g in just one bar!
  2. Weight Training. Don’t just do cardio, increasing your lean muscle mass will in turn increase your energy expenditure which means you will be burning more calories on a day to day basis. And no, you won’t look like a man, females do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to look like men.
  3. Walk 10,000 steps per day. It helps your digestion, it increases your energy expenditure and its something your body needs! We were not made to sit behind a desk all day and then come home and lie on the couch. You will soon feel happy not only physically but also mentally.
  4. Eat enough, everyone is different, some people need more carbohydrates, some people need less. We all need good sources of protein and we all need to fuel our bodies correctly. Doing a standard 1200 calorie diet or even less can mess up your metabolism, can give you awful cravings and put a lot of stress on your body. If you don’t know what you should be eating and how much, message me for some online training. It will be the best money spent I promise you.
  5. Listen to your body. If you feel tired, sleep. If you feel hungry, eat. If you feel stressed, take some me time. If you live a high powered job, or you have to look after your kids, or you generally easily get stressed then make sure that you take some time to unwind. Your body struggles to lose weight when your cortisol (stress) levels are high. Meditation or yoga can help with this.
  6. Don’t weigh yourself everyday. Your weight will fluctuate every single day, you may weigh more on the scales but perhaps lost a lot of centimetres around your body. Rather than listening to the scales, make sure you take measurements regularly and transformation pictures weekly. It’s amazing how quickly your body can change in shape and form.
  7. Stay focused and consistent. Your body will never change if you don’t change some habits that may have been around for several years now. Some people really struggle with this aspect. Its very mentally challenging. Don’t strive for perfection, find a good playlist that gets you in the summer mood or watch a motivational speech on youtube. Find out what triggers your focus and do it!

If any of you want more help on nutrition or workouts don’t hesitate to message me on 🙂

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  1. Some great tips Jess!

    1. Thanks nicky 😀

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