My Journey with CBD oil.

I am a big believer in herbal remedies and naturopathic solutions before solving an issue with pharmaceuticals – for me the latter is really a last resort if all else fails. In the western world that we live in, big Pharma seem to be the ‘go to’ solution, yet they often only treat symptoms and […]

Full Moon Ritual

Hey Gorgeous Human! I am back to posting a little bit more oil my blog, after a long time off I am feeling ready to be in this space again and to dedicate some time to nurture this lil baby blog. Today I’m here to get all spiritual on yo ass. I’m going to talk […]

Allowing Grief To Be My Friend

I lost my dad end of 2021 and it was an undeniably traumatic end to his life. The only part that he found some relief to his months of pain, was when we met an angel palliative Dr. who actually believed the amount of pain he was in. Finally they gave him the medicine he […]

Easy life hacks for better sleep-

😴Sleep is one of the most basic yet underrated things to MASSIVELY improve your life, lose weight and feel energised! How is your sleep?Do you fall asleep quickly? Do you stay asleep? Is it interrupted? How is the quality? How long for? 🫣In a hustle Culture world where it’s acceptable to get as little sleep […]

Dr Ray Peat‘s Carrot Salad

Game Changer 💣 If your digestion isn’t the best and you don’t go to the toilet regularly. You can end up having an estrogen dominance. this can look like: 👎 Hormonal weight gain & struggle to lose it around abdomben👎 Bloating👎 PMS symptoms👎 No regular toilet habits👎 Decreased sex drive and that all doesn’t sound […]


•I swear by preparing the week ahead on Sunday so you start off on a high feeling ☀️organised☀️in control☀️calmer☀️on top of things If you leave everything up to chance you’re not steering your life in the direction you want. You can chose! And that is how you feel successful. 💥Plan in your workouts💥Meal prep for […]

Relationships and Love

✨Our last live was Monday 31st October!It’s was epic! We will live streamed from @jess_soulshapefitness & @tarabrevitt Instagram & also LinkedIn ✨ 😎We know how important making meaningful connections are in life! We know how essential having good quality relationships are for our mindset! 👉🏼Whether it be creating better communication with your co workers💁🏼‍♀️👉🏼knowing how […]

Yesterday I felt so guilty…

Ok Chicas, yesterday I went for a big long walk in the morning ☀️and then we went to the lake and went on the SUP💦The SUP is light cardio, and I didn’t break a sweat so It felt like it wasn’t really a workout😅 💭So I decided I would go for a bike ride in […]

Energy Vampires

Let’s talk about feeling like 💩 inside and out…. You have no energy for the gym or for important priorities?But yet you do some of these energy vampires 🧛🏻‍♀️ ? There’s a lot you can do yourself about changing your energy! 👀 🙏🏽I promise you. Eliminate them from your life and you will feel like […]

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