Adidas Running #UltraboostX

After spending a week in bed, super poorly with tonsillitis, I am super happy to be feeling better again and honestly truly grateful for my health and body. That I can move, eat, drink and think on my own. It’s every day living that we sometimes take for granted.

So as I was feeling slightly down in the dumps I was soooo excited to receive an Email from adidas that they had sent me a surprise parcel. (I must have been coma when the postman came) I hadn’t been out of the house for a whole week, I hadn’t even left my bed! Thats how poorly I have been …. but seeing as I no longer had a temperature, the excitement got the better of me and I walked down to the local post depot to pick it up. And of course for the fresh air.

The new UltraBOOSTX… absolute beauties! I love all the boost adidas have sent me so far, but because of the new fabric on top, it fits your foot like a glove! I am IN LOVEEEEEEE! Definitely the best surprise to get your motivation back after being what feels like on deaths door for a week. ….. I know, I’m a drama queen! hehe but the crown suits me so well 😉

….I LOVE THEM, they are so comfy, even comfier than the last boosts and I didn’t think that was possible! Hands down my favourite trainers.

I don’t even think you could get a blister in these. Anyway, they’re a dream, so go and try them on and treat yo self!

I have since starting this post, actually been running in these beauts. I usually get some sort of knee pain after, but I actually didn’t this time. I enjoy wearing them as I feel they absorb some of the shock when you jump or run.

You cant wear normal socks with them you need to wear the socks that are even smaller than trainer socks. Hidden trainer socks, If you live in Germany then i personally think the ones from DM Drogerie are the best. Most of them just fall off your foot and its ridiculously annoying.

Anyway…If you want to look good, feel good and enjoy running ….check em out!

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