Adidas – Running Meets Yoga

As a fitness trainer I love trying out new courses, new methods of training and new up and coming trends in the world of workouts. I also love meeting other trainers, its inspiring to see how they work and how they motivate you. I think many people think as a fitness trainer we should always want to workout and naturally have the motivation, but I sometimes have the struggle to get myself to the gym too.

So when I was invited to the Running meets Yoga event in Munich by Adidas, hosted by Kate ( and Ava Carstens I was super excited! We were totally spoilt by Adidas with some beaut’ workout gear! I love running so I was excited to try out my new sneaks that literally felt like I was on a cloud when I slipped into them! I got to try out Adidas Boost 3 – they have a huge amount of support and add a huge spring in your step, they almost give off a bounce when you walk!! Definitely one of the comfiest trainers I’ve had in my shoe cupboard ever (and thats a lot 😉 )! As I say time and time again, it’s so important to have comfortable and supportive running shoes!Adidas - Running Meets Yoga 2016

Adidas - Running Meets Yoga 2016

I’ve been following Kate and Ava on Instagram for a while now, both of them are yogis however Kate focuses a lot on running. We all did some interval runs, which is a great way to train even if you aren’t so much a fan or running because you can keep it short and sweet yet still effective.

It could look something like this:

  • Make sure you warm up sufficiently. You can either find a nice 200-400m track that you want to circle or a simple route in a park. Time yourself for 4 minutes, 30 seconds run at a low calm pace, then 30 seconds run at 70-80% of your full capacity, then back down to low pace for 30 seconds. repeat the 4 minutes for 3-5 rounds.

It will soon get your endorphins flowing and you feeling good that you got it going! Thats a 20 minute running workout that will seriously work on your condition, boost your metabolism and also really give you that after burn effect (Where your body continues to burn calories post workout).

Adidas - Running Meets Yoga

We definitely felt motivated, powered up and strong after a couple of rounds and even a relay race to finish off with our team winning! BOOM! I personally love working out in a team, it always adds some fun and positive energy surrounds you!

In order to save some energy we headed back to our pretty little studio, for Ava to take us on her yoga journey. For those of you who think yoga isn’t for you, you haven’t trained with Ava. I will admit, I haven’t ever really given yoga much of a priority in my workouts however our session actually completely changed my mind. Don’t think boring, falling asleep meditation, –> think challenging and hard workout, mixed with some hip hop vibes and feel good energy.

So a few of my clients have told me about their yoga sessions, where theres no music, someone shouting at you what to do. I wouldn’t enjoy that either! Don’t stop there and think you don’t like yoga if this has been your kind of experience, find someone who you empowers you in their yoga sessions. It definitely made me aware that I need to prioritise my stretches and the feel good, wellness side of my workouts too. All about the balance baby!

To cut a long story short, we did everything from downward dog to the warrior pose to the scarab and some of us even finishing with a headstand. Such slow, controlled movements yet working up a sweat and really feeling every muscle in your body.

Adidas - Running Meets Yoga 2016

Adidas - Running Meets Yoga 2016


And after all that hard work, being rewarded by food is always definitely something – delicious, healthy and beautiful food indeed.


Adidas - Running Meets Yoga 2016


It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people.

I’ve been surrounded by a few negative people recently, people who you love, yet who have a toxic impact on your life. People who don’t want to see you succeed – this is why it is important to find YOURSELF, whether its in running, yoga, soul shape fitness bootcamps or something YOU love. Have the strength to let them go and grow. I know thats what I’m doing and I’m thankful for those who support me.


Photo Credits to the fabulous Sandra Steh

Thankyou Adidas, Kate & Ava

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