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5 ways to boost productivity

5 things to boost productivity 🤚🏼

1. wake up with an alarm at the same day every day so your body can get a routine. Go to sleep at an adequate time to get 7-8 hours and then make the bed. Starting the day with completing small tasks sets the ball rolling towards bigger accomplishments. ⏰🤩

2. Despite me drinking coffee in the video, have some water before, take your time so you’re not rushing around. Keep your cortisol levels low in the morning so you start or on a calm trajectory. 🫖☕️

3. My morning routine contains anything from breathwork, journaling, meditation, visualisations – whatever is going to set you up for a high energy day. 🧘🏼‍♀️📝

4. Get some of the main to-dos done that are on your list. Eat the frogs. Do the big stuff first. Get it out of the way don’t procrastinate. 🐸

5. Move your body. Walk, yoga, gym whatever. Try to get out into vitamin D within the first hour of waking 🤍✨ it’s amazing for hormone levels, your circadian rhythm and serotonin levels

You have to find what works for you but maybe changing the way you start your day will increase your productivity and getting shit done feels good!! It feels fucking fabulous…. So set yourself up to WIN! 

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