10km run – #AvonFrauenLauf

When Adidas wrote just over a week ago, inviting me to an event on Sunday 2tst May, including a 10k run on 20th May, I couldn’t say no.

I have been wanting to get better at running for a while now, and always had an injury or some sort of niggle. So now that I was feeling better, I thought F*** it, why not!

I hadn’t trained for the race, but had recently done the Spartan Race  (7km with around 30 obstacles) and ran a random 5k one day and it didn’t feel too bad. My mind was sure I would make it, and I told myself from the word go, that I wont give up.

It’s mind over matter when it comes to sports. I meet so many women who say ‘I can’t do a proper push up’ or ‘I definitely can’t run 5k’ and I train with them and get them to try and they can do it! With shock and disbelief, they find strengths they never knew existed. ‘I can’t’ doesn’t exist.

The 10k was sponsored by Avon cosmetics, it was a women’s only race in an absolutely amazing location. What is better than running around the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin?!  It was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, something that I have been lucky never to have experience in my immediate family. However I know a few friends who have had scares, and some friends parents who have had to suffer with cancer, so it’s a subject that I do care strongly about.

We were fortunate enough to have an amazing pre-run pickick sponsored by the Adidas Runners Run Base in Berlin. LabKitchen had made amazing food and drinks, there was party music and a huge feeling of comradery. I have never been a big runner, but this event made me feel like I was part of a team.

There are AdidasRunners groups in every mjaor city, this way wherever you go you can always pop in and join them and feel part of this community.

I did the 10k in 1 hour and 4 minutes which I’m happy about. I would like to improve my time to an hour, but I think that is definitely doable with some more training. The feeling when you cross the finish line is always incredible, no matter how far it was. I had forgot my headphones, which I thought would be a huge issue as I think running and good music go hand in hand. However the power of the supporters cheering you on really pushes you to keep going. It’s a beautiful feeling, the runners high.

Without hesitation, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I knew I wanted to push myself to do a half marathon. A new one on my bucket list …. Who fancies running one with me?

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