7 Reasons Why A Bootcamp Training Is The Best For YOU!

There are so many different types of workout out there at the moment, you can go to the gym, go to workout classes, get a personal trainer OR join a Bootcamp! You have to try out what’s best for you but here just a few reasons why joining a Bootcamp is sometimes the best way to get fit and stay sexy so here are 7 Great Reasons Why Bootcamp Training Is The Best For YOU!:


1. If you don’t have much time. Our Bootifit bootcamps are short and sweet yet still get the job done! Often only 45- 60 minutes, you can get your training in before or after work without taking up too much of your day and still have a hugely effective workout.

2. If you get bored easily. Our boot camps take place outside, so firstly the weather will never be the same, that switches things up a bit! Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a hot country where the sun shines all year round! Also the training is never the same. One session will focus on cardio, this could be anything from hill running, sprinting to burpees or swimming. We also often very much focus on own body weight training and there are hundreds of exercises for each area of the body! Most session incorporate both cardio and weight training to give you that healthy mix! You can do group work & team building exercises! The variety is never ending!

3. If You prefer to train with someone. The great thing about bootcamps is there is often a great feeling of camaraderie! Many people join a bootcamp for the social benefits, there’s always the opportunity for a chat before and after the sessions and if you’re training with these people several times a week you can easily make a few new training buddies. Everyone is in the same boat and everyone has to start somewhere 🙂

4. If you enjoy being outdoors! Bootcamps let you get back in touch with nature. Using hills, grass, trees as your obstacles or equipment! If you think training outdoors isn’t for you, I suggest you try it at least once! Many of our new clients who join our bootcamps often say how refreshing it is having a workout outdoors and are surprised themselves at how much they enjoy it! Especially when you’ve been in an office all day or had a long journey on public transport. You can’t beat a bit of fresh oxygen and vitamin D 😉

5. If you need an expert to motivate & push you. By this I don’t mean those horrible screaming drill sergeants that you often see in American films unless that really is what you need – there are bootcamps for you too 🙂 I just mean someone who knows your limits and makes you feel good when you work out. Someone who can make you do one more rep and motivate you to keep going. Who Pushes you to your limits (within reason) and helps you to perform to your best ability. Our coaches will do their best to guide you. You can join a Bootcamp as a complete beginner or expert and your Bootcamp coach should always be able to give you exercises for your level.

6. If you want to be in a group for ladies only. Many bootcamps including our bootifit program take into consideration that some women don’t like training with men. It’s bad enough when you’re in a gym where you may feel intimidated by all the equipment and you feel like everyone is watching you, so we keep it to small manageable groups of women. Where you can be yourself, be strong and empower each other.

7. If you don’t want to sign a contract and spend lots of money. Some bootcamps of course do want you to pay monthly, our Bootifit company does infact offer this for those who wish to sign up for a longer period of time. Otherwise you can just come along and pay as you go! It’s a great way to receive expert guidance at an affordable price.

8. If you want to feel sexy again! Looks are not everything but when you WAKE UP. WORK OUT. LOOK HOT & KICk ASS …..I can guarantee you, you will be feeling great even after your first few sessions! You deserve to love your body and we help you achieve those goals to make you feeling sexy again.

If you want to know any more about our bootcamps head over to www.bootifit.de or comment, leave me a message and I will reply to you asap 🙂

Currently they run at Theresienwiese, Englischer Garten & Ostpark in Munich.


Love Jess xox


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