Home workout or gym plans tailored specifically to you and your body. You will receive your plan around 4-6 days after I receive your consultation form. Depending on work load* This will be delivered to you via my personal app.



You will receive nutritional guidance and education about food. I won't just give you a meal plan, I will teach you how you can still incorporate all the foods you love and still get to your goal.



We will have weekly in depth check-ins so I can assess your progress and we can keep you progressing to your goal. Communication is essential so I am able to give you the best possible plan of action for your body and lifestyle.

Claudia Crowell

Claudia Crowell

8 Week Online Program & Bootcamp

Training with Jess is AMAZING. Before the lockdown, I was attending her weekly bootcamp in Ostpark. It was a great workout, always interesting with new exercises, and always variations for every level. A big plus was that I could bring my kids to play with the other bootcamp kids. Win-win for everyone. Now that we are on lockdown, I rely on Jess’ 4x/week live FB sessions to keep me fit and sane. Even though she can’t see or hear her audience she does an amazing job of “interacting” with us and keeping us motivated. Not an easy feat! I think I may come out of the lockdown stronger and buffer than when it started. 💪. I’d love it if she continued some of the online sessions even when we are out of lockdown.(hint hint)




Jess ist der Hammer, das professionelle Training mach bei jedem Wetter superviel Spaß. Die Dynamik in der Gruppe spornt an, alles zu geben, und man beißt sich gemeinsam und mit voller Motivation von Jess durchs Training. Also nicht mehr lange warten - join the team!! 🔥



Premium In-Home Training

Jessica is an excellent personal trainer! Each session is well-prepared and varied. It seems that every exercise can be executed in a plethora of ways and Jessica uses her vast knowledge of fitness techniques to spontaneously tweak a given exercise to exactly correspond to my current physical capabilities, while at the same time easing me beyond my comfort zone. Very impressive and extremely effective! Thank you!



8 Week Get Fit & Weight-Loss Program

Simple. Jess. In 8 weeks I lost a stone by working with jess and her Programm. On my own it took me 52 weeks!!! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have lost my 8 kg without jesss training and eating plan. I am thankful, everyday, that I started it.


Feel Good with Every Bite

More often than not, when a client gets a new training and nutrition plan, it isn’t training that they find most difficult. It is sticking to the nutrition plan the other 23 hours of the Read more…


Right now it seems like the whole world is in quarantine. We now have to move even less to get to work, and the kitchen may even be your work place. Unless you make a Read more…

Pumpkin Soup

My favourite pumpkin soup recipe 40g shallots chopped walnut size piece of ginger chopped 25 g butter   400g pumpkin 100g potato 400ml water 200ml milk / cream / coconut milk (paleo) 1.5 tsp paprika Read more…

How To Stay Motivated

I know it can be really hard sometimes to stay on track. Even I struggle sometimes. Being a personal trainer may make it easier in some respect because I actually enjoy training and healthy food, Read more…

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