11 // 29 // 2016

Vegan wine you say?

I am not your ordinary personal trainer, who doesn’t drink alcohol, who doesn’t eat chocolates and who trains everyday. I do my best with keeping chocolate to a minimum and training when I can, but I must admit I do love a glass or two or three 😉 of wine at the end of the week (I keep it to weekends only).

Recently I gifted a friend with a wine tasting session for her birthday, having never been wine tasting I didn’t know fully what to expect. It was great fun and I have to admit I learnt a lot. One thing I didn’t know, and I bet many of you don’t is that often animal fats and chemicals are added to the wines to add flavour.

According to the sommelier the cheaper the wine and also the greater the produce (mass), the more chemicals and animal fats used. I was shocked. I would reckon with chemicals because the food industry these days adds sh*t into pretty much everything, however I didn’t think about animal fats.

More and more wines are now being stocked with a vegan label, however, they do not check it by the barrel of wine produced but by the bottle. The vegan certification also costs around 50 cents per test, so that is why vegan wine will cost slightly more than maybe your average wine.

Purely out of principle would I prefer a vegan wine. It has been proven that mass animal killing for the benefit of our food industry is not only harmful to the environment, but also unnecessary and often inhumane.

Did you know about animal products within wine? What do you guys think about it? Let me know!

It sure is food for thought….


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