08 // 03 // 2015

Top 10 workout Tracks for August

…… So much good music at the moment especially fast tracks for you runners & good for our bootcamps  ?

1. Glitterball – Sigma

2. Whip it – Lunchmoney Lewis

3. Save me – Listenbee (slower one for a warm up maybe)

4. Freedom – Pharrell Williams

5. Summer thing – Afrojack

6. Rio de Janeiro – Maison & Dragen (an old one but found it on my iPad this week ?? LOVE IT! Huge drop for a power song on the Nike Running app 😉 )

7. Five more Hours – Deorro

8. Omen – Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith … Also a Bit slower but I just love his voice ???

9. Burning love – Elvis haha seeing as I’m in Memphis at the moment this one is on my playlist … Have a Listen! You can’t not end up dancing or tapping your foot to it, rock and roll is such a feel good genre of music!!

10. A little less conversation – Elvis … This ones a modern remix, think by Fat Boy Slim but I’m not 100% also a good workout song!!

Gotta love a bit of Elvis!! Message me if you have any good music this month! I’d be happy to add it!!

Love Jess XOX


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