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Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen…

So I recently tried out a new healthy take out food company in Munich, Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen. Amie makes all the food herself, every week there is a new menu to chose from and all the ingredients are organic and often gluten free and lactose free (which is perfect for me as I try to avoid both)! I decided to try her Thai Salad which came with a peanut satay dressing. I’m actually not usually a huge fan of savoury peanut sauces but this one was really yummy!


I love the vibes of Amie’s Sunshine Kitchen, it’s healthy, it’s eco-friendly (my salad came in a glass jar) and they’re simple ideas but delicious! All her food is also seasonal as well as regional, something that I also strongly advocate. A new menu comes out online each week and then you chose your dish for the following week. This is a great idea for people with a  9-5, you know your food will be ready when you get home, or even delivered to your work, and can plan what you are having. It’s no stress of making the food yourself, no hassle of running to the shop before it shuts and easy to enjoy. However I think my schedule is sometimes a bit too unpredictable to be able to always plan ahead that far in advance.

The salad had a healthy balance of each ingredient which is important, it had leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber, Amies-sunshine-kitchenpeppers and carrot shavings. It also had some potato for those of you who need a bit more than just salad, some more filling carbohydrates if you have an active lifestyle. I like to follow the Paleo lifestyle, which doesn’t actually include potato but I can make exceptions 😉 Something that I really enjoyed was that it was sprinkled with pine and pumpkin seeds. These are a great source of good fats and essential in every healthy diet! Amie’s food is definitely made with love and thought and when I can plan ahead I would definitely order again.

CLICK HERE…. to check out what Amie has to offer! We are hoping to work together in the future so we will keep you updated! WATCH THIS SPACE ….

Love Jess xox

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