10 // 08 // 2015

My Top 10 Workout Tracks for October

So I missed out September, because I was spending all my money in Las Vegas and New York & thinking about posting something on here was kinda at the back of my mind when entering a foot locker with 10934794734 types of nikes! hehe…So here are the top 10 workout tracks for October that are on my bootcamp playlist:

1. Easy Love – Sigala

2. It’s OK – Cee Lo (Michael Gray Remix)

3. Changing – Sigma

4. Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis

5.Heaven – Alex Adair

6. Thinking of Sunshine – Daniel Adams-Ray

7. Black Magic – Little Mix

8. Set Out Your Loving – Zac Samuel

9. Saving My Life – Gorgon City

10. Down On My Luck – Vic Mensa

Theres a really cool app you can use from NikeRunning, that lets you add a running playlist that you have on your phone or an app like Spotify. You can then also add a ‘Power song’. This is amazingly helpful when you feel like your slowing down and can’t go anymore, you click the power song button and it plays your favourite motivational tune & before you know it you’ve picked up speed and are back on track! – Try it out! Click Here to be linked straight to the app.

Love Jess XOX

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