05 // 12 // 2017

Tina’s Transformation

Tina had been training at bootcamp twice a week for a year where she lost the first stone through out full body workouts. Like many women experience, she hit a plateau and decided to reach out for some nutrition advice. Read on to find out how she … [Read more...]

05 // 07 // 2017

Keep Fit – Low Budget

I hear many reasons, everyday, all year round, why people can't take part in workouts or make personal training sessions or why they can't eat healthily. Some reasons are valid, and some reasons are EXC-- USES. To EVERY excuse, there is an answer. … [Read more...]

12 // 01 // 2016

Bikram Yoga Part 1

I have been wanting to try Bikram yoga for a long time now and tomorrow is my first session. I have heard a lot about it and I think it's one of those things that you either love or hate. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a type of … [Read more...]

03 // 01 // 2016

Adidas – Running Meets Yoga

As a fitness trainer I love trying out new courses, new methods of training and new up and coming trends in the world of workouts. I also love meeting other trainers, its inspiring to see how they work and how they motivate you. I think many people … [Read more...]

02 // 16 // 2016

Mini Abdominal Workout

Hey Guys! So just a little workout routine for you to do to get your abs (your tummy muscles) nice and strong! Try and do as many rounds as possible without compromising your form. Stay strong throughout and make sure your spine is always flat to … [Read more...]

10 // 08 // 2015

My Top 10 Workout Tracks for October

So I missed out September, because I was spending all my money in Las Vegas and New York & thinking about posting something on here was kinda at the back of my mind when entering a foot locker with 10934794734 types of nikes! hehe...So here are … [Read more...]

10 // 08 // 2015


CALLING ALL LADIES IN MUNICH LOOKING TO GET FIT!  We've got a great chance for you to take part in a FREE bootcamp on the Marienhof green, organised by Caro and I and our new co-operation with Sporthaus Schuster! The sessions are limited to 20 spaces … [Read more...]

08 // 03 // 2015

Top 10 workout Tracks for August

...... So much good music at the moment especially fast tracks for you runners & good for our bootcamps  ? 1. Glitterball - Sigma 2. Whip it - Lunchmoney Lewis 3. Save me - Listenbee (slower one for a warm up maybe) 4. Freedom - Pharrell … [Read more...]

07 // 11 // 2015

My Top 10 Music Tracks – July 2015

So it's been a month! Our bootcamps have been going crazy and have grown from one location to FOUR locations around Munich! I'm very proud of what Caro and I have achieved and definitely think we are giving the ladies of Munich what they want and … [Read more...]

07 // 10 // 2015

Just do it! – Top 10 Run Training Tips

  So Caro and I saw that there will be a ladies fun run in Munich coming up in September! ….So obviously we decided to sign up for it and get all the Bootifit Bootcamp ladies to sign up too! Not only did we sign up straight away, but we … [Read more...]

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