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Bio Sculpture Nails

Beauty from within is what should matter 😉 However girls should be allowed to be girls and when it comes to nails, Bio-Sculpture is definitely a winner. If you’re working out every other day, being disciplined with your food and trying to get the best out of YOU, then you definitely deserve to be treated once in a while. Even if you aren’t doing any of these things, girls should always be treated once in while 😉
I don’t self indulge that much in beauty products. I have my standard foundation (Revlon, oil free because my skin can be quite naturally oily), I think I have been wearing the same mascara for the best part of 5 years (MaxFactor false lash effect, black) and thank God I don’t wear shimmery bronzer anymore LOL …but you get the gist. I’m quite a creature of habit. If I find something I like, I stick with it because as my mum would say ….If it ain’t broke – why fix it.
Treat yourself – My mum was also the one who taught me that theres no point in working 40 hours+ per week if you’re going to scrimp and save every last penny. You only live once, and treating yourself to a manicure or a pedicure does more wonders than you think.
For an hour and a half you’re getting pampered because you deserve it! For once you’re doing something for yourself, to look great, to feel great. To just sit there and let someone else make you pretty is beautiful. You can chose the colour, you can chose the design, the length and whether you would like a glass of prosecco or water. It’s all about YOU. Not your boyfriend, not your sister, not your mum or dad, but YOU.
That is why i let myself be pampered by my favourite Bio-Sculpture nail technician, Michaela Bucher in Munich. First off, she uses nothing but Bio-Sculpture Gel, which I have time after time seen work wonders on many ladies nails. If your nails are brittle and thin, after a few months of Bio-Sculpture, you will be able to feel the difference in strength. Don’t mistake this product for anything like Acrylics or the ‘Gel’ you get in many nail shops, its a million times better!
I have quite strong finger nails, so I don’t get a manicure, I don’t need it. I usually get a pedicure which entails a little foot bath and scrub, taking off the old gel, applying new gel and then a little foot massage at the end (the best bit :)) Michaela has a huge selection of colours along with glittery add-ons if you’re going somewhere particularly glam! Many people worry about the price, yet my toenails usually last around 6-8 weeks, and I pay 50Euro. Believe me, it’s worth the money, to be looked after, to do something for yourself and in turn feel beautiful. Its more than worth it ladies!

Bio Sculpture doesn’t test on animals, they don’t file your nail until it’s as thin as a piece of tracing paper. Bio sculpture gel promotes nail growth and contains vital vitamins for your nails. Bio sculpture nail technicians would never infill your nails, they would take off the gel, allow you to see your nail growth and progression and then apply new gel!
Why don’t you check my lady Michaela out for yourselves CLICK HERE for her Facebook or HERE for her instagram 🙂
You deserve it to feel beautiful outside as well as inside!
Love Jess xox,

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