03 // 30 // 2020


Right now it seems like the whole world is in quarantine. We now have to move even less to get to work, and the kitchen may even be your work place. Unless you make a conscious effort to move the same amount as before, you will probably have to … [Read more...]

10 // 24 // 2017

Pumpkin Soup

My favourite pumpkin soup recipe 40g shallots chopped walnut size piece of ginger chopped 25 g butter   400g pumpkin 100g potato 400ml water 200ml milk / cream / coconut milk (paleo) 1.5 tsp paprika 1.5 tsp … [Read more...]

10 // 10 // 2017

Soul Shape Fitness goes Abroad

CAN I GET A HELL YEAH IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING WITH YOUR LIFE AND YOU DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP….   HELL YEAH!!! No on a serious note, I’m 26, I’ve spent the past 2 years building up my own personal training and bootcamp … [Read more...]

05 // 24 // 2017

10km run – #AvonFrauenLauf

When Adidas wrote just over a week ago, inviting me to an event on Sunday 2tst May, including a 10k run on 20th May, I couldn’t say no. I have been wanting to get better at running for a while now, and always had an injury or some sort of niggle. So … [Read more...]

05 // 21 // 2017

How To Stay Motivated

I know it can be really hard sometimes to stay on track. Even I struggle sometimes. Being a personal trainer may make it easier in some respect because I actually enjoy training and healthy food, however I'm still human. Cakes do still tempt me, … [Read more...]

05 // 20 // 2017

Rebella Bex – Energy, Food, Yoga

VEGAN FOOD!!! I LOVE IT.  Okay so lets get this right, I love it when other people make it. I'm not a great cook at the best of times, but cooking vegan food somehow puts me on edge. If my food at home was like Rebella Bex Buddha Bowl that I tried … [Read more...]

05 // 18 // 2017

Mia’s Soul Shape Success Story

A sustainable way to lose weight using the flexible dieting method. Get in touch if you wish to lose weight, tone up and feel confident in your own skin again like Mia. What were your goals before you started training?  Before I started my … [Read more...]

05 // 16 // 2017

My Spartan Race Munich

Recently I took part in the Spartan Race Munich. It was so much fun and I would definitely do it again! Most people moan about the cost, but the organisers have definitely made an effort to make it fun, unpredictable and a challenge for … [Read more...]

05 // 12 // 2017

Tina’s Transformation

Tina had been training at bootcamp twice a week for a year where she lost the first stone through out full body workouts. Like many women experience, she hit a plateau and decided to reach out for some nutrition advice. Read on to find out how she … [Read more...]

05 // 07 // 2017

Keep Fit – Low Budget

I hear many reasons, everyday, all year round, why people can't take part in workouts or make personal training sessions or why they can't eat healthily. Some reasons are valid, and some reasons are EXC-- USES. To EVERY excuse, there is an answer. … [Read more...]

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