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My name is Jessica Rieger. I’m a personal trainer from London based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have been able to channel my love for sports, fitness, health and nutrition into my own company Soul Shape Fitness, in order to pass on my expertise and guidance to you!

I specialize in female fitness, as I believe who better to do that than a woman herself. I can understand your frustrations of yo-yo and fad diets, your post-natal tummy or your weight gain during the menopause. I know how difficult it is to motivate yourself to workout or stick to a diet plan. I also know how unnerving and uncomfortable it can be walking into a fitness studio not knowing where to start.
Guidance and expertise are what I offer, to tackle your goals head on and get those results that you really want. I want to join you on your fitness journey, together I know we can get you feeling and looking your best, that is my passion. Its also not just about looking slimmer or more toned, its also about loving yourself in your own skin and feeling sexy again.

My knowledge in functional fitness training, cardio boxing, HIIT training and nutrition serve as an all rounded package to guide you every step of your way and tailor each step to your needs.

There is a saying ‘Working hard at something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard at something we love is called passion’. And I can truly say Personal Training & Healthy Living is my passion.

In a world where obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes are claiming more and more lives every year, it’s an upward hill fight against what our generations have always seen as normal. The sugar, the processed foods, the meats treated with chemicals.

I hope Soul Shape Fitness can have not only inspires you  but also teaches you that being healthy and fit can be fun and has a positive impact on your life!


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