Archives for November 2016

11 // 30 // 2016

Quorn (Meat Free) Spaghetti Bolognese

So I recently posted about how I have reduced my meat intake due to poor animal living conditions and I also mentioned a little trick to boycott the system is to use Quorn products. For those of you who don't know what Quorn is: it's a meat free … [Read more...]

11 // 29 // 2016

Vegan wine you say?

I am not your ordinary personal trainer, who doesn't drink alcohol, who doesn't eat chocolates and who trains everyday. I do my best with keeping chocolate to a minimum and training when I can, but I must admit I do love a glass or two or three ;) of … [Read more...]

11 // 28 // 2016

Paleo Nut Butter Dough Cookies

I realise I haven't written in a while, my blog has been quite low on my priority list recently what with my 25th birthday, lots of new clients and general day to day life. Life ....It gets in the way sometimes right! haha However I am keen to get … [Read more...]

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