Archives for August 2016

08 // 20 // 2016

9 Healthy Food Swaps

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather! I'm glad it's finally sunny and actually feels like summer, rather than 12 degrees and rain! There are so many little ways in which you can alter your diet for the better, and not be missing out on … [Read more...]

08 // 15 // 2016

Low Carb Options – Chilli Con Carne

Like I have mentioned before, I am not the best chef, if anything I'm a lazy chef. But when it comes to quick and easy recipes, I'm the bomb diggity. Last night I made a yummy chilli con carne and I actually surprised myself how good it tasted! It … [Read more...]

08 // 12 // 2016

Why Women Should Lift Weights

  Some of my female clients have often expressed nervousness around incorporating weights into their fitness routine. Having grown up in the 70’s or 80’s where aerobic dvds and lycra were the way to keep young, slim and limber as opposed to … [Read more...]

08 // 10 // 2016

Summer Salad Dressing

  Finally after about 4 months off, not writing any blog posts I am back for you with an absolute beauty of a salad dressing! I’ve had so much going on recently growing the business and trying to sort all the behind the scenes paperwork … [Read more...]

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