Archives for March 2016

03 // 23 // 2016

Mushroom Fajitas

  Fajitas - My guilty pleasure …along with nachos covered in cheese and guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapeños. However I only eat them on special occasions (when I’m out in a restaurant or someone’s birthday) and sadly not every day is a … [Read more...]

03 // 16 // 2016

Why I Run – Competition

So I have always loved running. It used to be my 'Go-To Keep Fit Exercise'. It's just so good because you can do it anywhere, on your own or with friends and all you need is a good pair of trainers and you're sorted! Since becoming a trainer I have … [Read more...]

03 // 14 // 2016

The Best Paleo Bread Yet

Firstly I have to apologise for not posting anything in a while. I have just moved into my own place, - I say just, I actually moved in in January. But in Germany it takes about 12 weeks to get any internet - YES!!!! RIDICULOUS - I know :( ....but … [Read more...]

03 // 02 // 2016

Soul Shape Fitness – The Liebster Award

  So the first award for the Soul Shape Fitness Blog!! I have only been blogging properly for about four months now and it's brought me nothing but happiness. Meeting new people, receiving great opportunities and constantly learning new … [Read more...]

03 // 01 // 2016

Adidas – Running Meets Yoga

As a fitness trainer I love trying out new courses, new methods of training and new up and coming trends in the world of workouts. I also love meeting other trainers, its inspiring to see how they work and how they motivate you. I think many people … [Read more...]

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