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06 // 27 // 2015

10 easy ways to kick start getting into shape….

Are you feeling body conscious? Your summer holiday is drawing closer and you want to look great in a bikini? The thought of 'dieting' is too much effort and difficult to stick to? Then here are a few life hacks that you can do that you will benefit … [Read more...]

06 // 22 // 2015

7 Reasons Why A Bootcamp Training Is The Best For YOU!

There are so many different types of workout out there at the moment, you can go to the gym, go to workout classes, get a personal trainer OR join a Bootcamp! You have to try out what's best for you but here just a few reasons why joining a Bootcamp … [Read more...]

06 // 14 // 2015

My Muesli Mornings….

So I recently got the opportunity to test three different MyMuesli products. Thanks again to MyMuesli for making this happen! This is actually the first time I have ever tried one of their products. I remember first seeing them in the supermarkets a … [Read more...]

06 // 13 // 2015

Sugar Rush….don’t be a sugar mama

So I've recently started to live the Paleo lifestyle, this means food going back to basics. You eat what our ancestors thousands of years ago would have eaten so fruit, vegetables and grass fed meats. Sugar is a no go, except obviously the natural … [Read more...]

06 // 13 // 2015

Chicken & Coconut Curry…

So this is one of my favourite dishes at the moment! Simply because it is sooooo easy to make! I usually serve it with brown rice. Ingredients: (serves 2) 400 grams chicken breast diced 1 small lemon … [Read more...]

06 // 10 // 2015

Where do I start?…

So the fitness movement seems to be the in trend at the moment and there seems to be as many different opinions of what 'healthy' actually is, as there are fish in the sea. Social media such as Instagram actually offer an insight into these … [Read more...]

06 // 10 // 2015

A Green Tea for Me Please….

So I have to admit, when I first tried green tea, I thought it tasted slightly like stale water. The only reason I wanted to start drinking it, is because I'd heard of its amazing health benefits. Doesn't the saying go that 'you have to try something … [Read more...]

06 // 09 // 2015

My Top 10 Workout Music Tracks June 2015

Music is what keeps me going in the gym. Whether I’m outside running my final mile home or on my last set on the leg press in the gym, you need a good tune to get your heart pumping and hair standing on end to push yourself that little bit more than … [Read more...]

06 // 09 // 2015

Feel Like You Need More Energy In The Morning?….

I used to find waking up so difficult! My eyes would be heavy, my body would be drained and I would snooze my alarm until I was late for work. Does this sound familiar? I began to feel like I had severe sleep syndrome - it was really getting me down … [Read more...]

06 // 09 // 2015

Healthy eating on the go…

Eating healthily when you’re super busy, rushing around all day and you’re on a budget can be tricky. Even I struggle, especially when a chocolate bar or packet of crisps are the right size to just grab on your way out of the supermarket and satisfy … [Read more...]

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