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10km run – #AvonFrauenLauf
When Adidas wrote just over a week ago, inviting me to an event on Sunday 2tst May, including
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How To Stay Motivated
I know it can be really hard sometimes to stay on track. Even I struggle sometimes. Being a
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Rebella Bex – Energy, Food, Yoga
VEGAN FOOD!!! I LOVE IT.  Okay so lets get this right, I love it when other people make
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Mia’s Soul Shape Success Story
A sustainable way to lose weight using the flexible dieting method. Get in touch if you wish to
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My Spartan Race Munich
Recently I took part in the Spartan Race Munich. It was so much fun and I would definitely
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Tina’s Transformation
Tina had been training at bootcamp twice a week for a year where she lost the first stone
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  • I wanna stay here forever  soulshapefitness
  • Workout Wednesday Back at BOOTCAMP today with a fitness test!!hellip
  • And its nearly the end of the week already! hellip
  • Cheers to the end of a beautiful holiday  hellip
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