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Paleo Creme Brûlée
I love Creme Brûlée, so much so that I have, on occasions, ordered two after my main meal because I
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Paleo Banana and Blueberry Bread
* GRAIN FREE * SUGAR FREE * DAIRY FREE * So this week I had my first christmas party. I
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Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
I think one of the most difficult things when you are trying to eat healthy is to make better food
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Bikram Yoga Part 1
I have been wanting to try Bikram yoga for a long time now and tomorrow is my first session. I
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Vegan wine you say?
I am not your ordinary personal trainer, who doesn't drink alcohol, who doesn't eat chocolates and who trains everyday. I do
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Paleo Nut Butter Dough Cookies
I realise I haven't written in a while, my blog has been quite low on my priority list recently what
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